Some are born with a weight on their shoulders. It’s not just a burden to their progress. It also threatens to crush them at any moment. 

You didn’t put that weight there, it’s built into the fabric of their existence. 

This is systemic racism. 

Yes, at points in your life you might also feel a weight on your shoulders. For many reasons. It could be fatal for you, no one is denying that – yes, your life matters. 

But you may overcome it, and it is not manifesting from social and institutional structures. 

This is not oppression. This is hardship. 

These are two different weights. 

Oppression cannot be overcome without a majority recognising it exists and actively removing the weight from others shoulders. 

Hardship can be alleviated and isn’t more likely to take you out based on higher melanin levels. 

There are often systems in place to relieve hardship. 

For those born with a weight on their shoulders. These same systems amplify their hardship. Every. Day.

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